We at US Tax Consulting are experienced in every facet of US and Canadian taxation.
Do you commute to the US for work? US Tax Consulting located in Windsor, ON, can help you prepare the necessary tax forms.


Do you commute to the US to work?

If you commute to the US for work and want to ensure that your returns are done correctly and you are getting the maximum return, US Tax Consulting can help. Based in Windsor, ON, our firm has extensive experience with tax preparation and planning for Canadian commuters. Your US and Canadian tax returns are professionally prepared by a CPA. Our basic price includes your Federal, State and Canadian returns. We will also review your previous year’s tax returns at no charge. We will ensure that you make use of any treaty benefits available to minimize your US and Canadian taxes.

Cross Border Tax Preparation

  • Commuters to the US - basic returns start at $550.
  • Includes Federal, State and Canadian returns (City of Detroit add $50).
  • Additional charges may apply for any additional filing requirements. See our Price List.
US Tax Consulting offers a variety of accounting services, including US tax filing for cross border employees.
Comuting to the US for work?  We will guide you in the right direction when filing your yearly taxes.